Traditional economics reveals the dynamics of exchange. But is that all there is? Late economist Kenneth Boulding recommends that we look further. Once we consider that some transactions only go one way, we can see the economy in a different light.

Economics: An Illustrated Timeline

Do you keep getting confused about the different schools of thought in economics? Do you always forget what Walras was about, or when Marx was around? This timeline has your back. It provides an overview of historic events, schools of thought, and the people involved.



Most of us have an idea of how money came to be. It goes something like this: People wanted to exchange goods for other goods, but it was difficult to coordinate. So they started exchanging goods for money, and money for goods. This tells us that money is a medium of exchange. It’s a nice and simple story. The problem is that it may not be true. We may be understanding money entirely wrong...

Pavlina Tcherneva

Spotlight on: Pavlina Tcherneva

If I ask you to picture an economist, chances are you’ll visualize an older white male who makes you feel bad for failing to understand mysterious diagrams. Those certainly exist. But so does Pavlina Tcherneva. Chair and Associate Professor of the Economics Department at Bard College, Pavlina spearheads the group of faculty that convinced me (daughter of graphic-designer-dad and dancer-mom) to get a degree in Economics, and then another... 

spotlight on: stephanie Kelton

If you want to be at the cutting edge of economic policy-making, listen to Stephanie Kelton. She explains how a government spends, and how confusion about debt and deficits have held America back. Shaking up democrats and republicans alike, she shows there is nothing inherently dangerous about a large budget deficit. Kelton argues we should aim for a balanced economy, not a balanced budget...