Handmade Felt Animals

I make felt animals on request. I use high quality sheep-wool, and spend 2-6 hours working on each animal. They're a joy to make, and each one is unique. Whether you're looking for a way to immortalize a pet, or want to surprise a loved one with a felt version of their favorite animal, these adorable creatures make for great gifts. 


Every week, I can fulfill 3 orders. To place an order, fill out the form on the right. I will then assign you a spot, inform you of the timeline, and send you a payment request. Once you've submitted payment, I'll get started on your animal. If you need to receive the animal in time for a special date, do let me know. 


Large animal   €35
Horses, llamas, elephants, tigers, and any other animal with long legs or a complex build.

Medium animal   €30
Bunnies, puppies, cats, seals, and any other animal with short legs and a compact build.

Small animal   €25
Mice, birds, guinea pigs, fish, and any other animal that's largely made up of one shape.

Pet portrait  €45
Any animal whose features should closely resemble those of your pet. 


Worldwide shipping is available. 
Depending on where you live, costs vary from €3-10.



Name *
e.g. 1 llama and 1 puppy
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Shipping Address
Please specify if you need animal to be ready in time for a special date.